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My Mission & Mandate

The Lord Jesus Christ has placed a dream in my heart - to direct & producemovies that glorify and expand His Kingdom.

That dream has burned likea consistent fire. He has fed me with ideas and insights for the movies I am making. He has also engineered connections that I need to make these projects a success.

The Lord wants to redeem the media and use it for His purposes. He wants to do this with pure, inspiration and revelatorycontent. He is unleashing Creativity coupled with the Spirit of Excellence.

The world utilizes the most gifted in each field, stunning cinematography,powerful music and the best of technology. The Kingdom of God must rise to this standard of excellence, delivering content that exceeds what the world has to offer.

I am committed to be one such filmmaker and media influencer that rises to this challenge. 

We are living in the last days when the Lord is pouring His spirit upon us. Let's use the vast reach of media & film to spread the good news of the gospe…

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